What is Body Shaping?

Discover body shaping, the cutting-edge muscle activation system that targets muscle groups not usually engaged during traditional workouts. Now you can reach specific areas where you want to see results. Tailored treatments make the journey to your best self faster than ever before.

Who Can Benefit? Whether you’re stepping back into fitness after a hiatus or you’re a seasoned athlete seeking a performance edge, body shaping is your go-to solution. Treatments target a range of areas, from the abdomen and flanks to the buttocks and thighs. Virtually any muscle group can be sculpted — just consult your treatment provider for a customized plan.

Innovative Treatment Options:

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Experience AccuFit’s unique 4-cycle program that’s designed to stretch, build, re-educate, and recover your muscles. Each cycle begins with a gentle muscle contraction that slowly intensifies. As each cycle concludes, a proprietary cool-down process minimizes fatigue, prepping you for the next round.

A 30-minute treatment can target up to four areas, depending on size. The non-invasive treatment requires no downtime and allows you to immediately resume daily activities. You may feel a tingling sensation or slight muscle soreness for a few hours, akin to an intense workout.

Depending on your baseline condition, you can achieve noticeable changes in as few as four treatments. To meet your specific personal goals, additional treatments may be desired.

Electro-muscular stimulation, the technology behind AccuFit, boasts decades of proven effectiveness in muscle rehabilitation, strengthening, and toning.

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