What is UltraGlo™?

Enhance your complexion with UltraGlo™, a gentle, yet transformative laser treatment that revitalizes your skin’s tone and texture. Crafted for both comfort and efficacy, UltraGlo uses the Lutronic Ultra to resurface the skin by creating microscopic thermal zones, prompting rapid tissue regeneration for a luminous, youthful complexion. Laser-created microchannels make your skin more receptive to skincare products for even more dramatic, lasting results.

What are the benefits?

Commonly Asked Questions?

Yes! UltraGLO is effective for all ages, genders, and skin types!

Yes! Even those with darker complexions can safely experience UltraGLO’s transformative effects.

While the face, neck, and chest (décolletage) are most commonly treated, UltraGLO can target nearly any body part, including the hands.

What Should I Expect?

Expect a tingly warm sensation similar to a mild sunburn. For enhanced comfort, your provider may apply a topical numbing cream.

Sessions are quick, ranging from just 5 to 15 minutes. The treatment is so efficient, it’s often called the "Lunchtime Laser Facial" because of how easily it fits into busy schedules.

You'll begin to notice a difference after just one session. However, to maintain and amplify these results, many patients opt for monthly treatments. The more frequently you undergo UltraGLO sessions, the longer your luminous results will last.

Downtime is very minimal. Expect only mild redness post-treatment. You can resume your daily activities immediately, and makeup is safe to apply within 24 hours.

You’ll notice an improvement in your skin’s appearance, tone, and texture after just one session.

What are my Treatment Options?

Lutronic ULTRA™ surpasses traditional resurfacing methods to rebuild radiant, healthy skin through non-ablative, fractionated treatments. Customizable from mild to aggressive and extremely cost-effective, Lutronic ULTRA delivers personalized results with virtually no downtime, making it a year-round solution for everyone.

The magic behind Lutronic Ultra treatments lies in Lutronic UltraGLO™, a gentle laser that brightens tone and smooths complexion without disrupting your lifestyle. This one-size-fits-all treatment reveals the best in every skin type. Consult your practitioner today to customize the best treatment plan for you!

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