What is TotalSkin Solution™?

Revitalize your skin with TotalSkin Solution, a groundbreaking treatment that combines Genius RF Microneedling and the Ultra 1927 Thulium Laser to improve wrinkles, sun spots, laxity, and pigmented lesions. Used together, this powerful duo also treats stretch marks and acne scars, offering you immediate, long-lasting results.

What are the benefits?

Commonly Asked Questions?

Yes! Anyone can benefit from TotalSkin Solution’s anti-aging effects!

Yes, TotalSkin Solution can help all ages and skin types!

Yes! Even those with darker complexions can safely experience TotalSkin Solution's rejuvenating effects.

Though the face, neck, and chest (décolletage) are the most commonly targeted areas, TotalSkin Solution can treat nearly any part of your body.

What Should I Expect?

Expect to feel some heat and pressure during your session. Your physician will work with you to maximize your comfort throughout the procedure.

Most treatments take 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the specific area being addressed.

Although a standard course includes 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart, your physician will personalize your treatment plan to achieve the results you desire.

Downtime is very minimal. You can resume your daily routine right after treatment. Any initial redness or swelling will usually diminish within 24-48 hours. Your skin may feel sandpaper-like as it heals, but should resolve within 2-3 days, leaving your skin looking brighter and feeling smoother.

While you’ll see noticeable improvement in just days, your body continues to build collagen for weeks, creating visible results over the next 3-6 months.

What are my Treatment Options?

TotalSkin Solution harnesses the power of two leading technologies: Lutronic Genius™ to deliver thermal energy deep into the tissue for lasting skin remodeling and Lutronic Ultra™ to rejuvenate skin’s upper layers. Together, they provide a dynamic anti-aging solution that addresses the visible signs of aging, including age spots, wrinkles, crepiness, and laxity.

Using radiofrequency and laser technology, TotalSkin Solution delivers precisely calibrated energy throughout the skin. This comprehensive approach not only rejuvenates each layer of your skin but also synergistically addresses all signs of aging for a revitalized, younger-looking you.

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