What is KeraLase™?

KeraLase™, an advanced treatment that combines the Lutronic LaseMD Ultra® and KeraFactorMD® Topical Growth Factors, promotes stronger, thicker, and fuller hair. KeraLase stimulates your scalp’s growth potential by creating microchannels with the LaseMD Ultra laser, dramatically amplifying the skin’s absorption of the potent KeraFactorMD serum by 5 to 7 times*.

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*Internally generated, data on file, Lutronic Corp

What are the benefits?

Commonly Asked Questions?

KeraLase™ is ideal for patients with Androgenetic Alopecia, Telogen Effluvium, or certain scalp conditions. Whether you are dealing with thinning hair, post-childbirth hair loss, stress-induced hair issues, or a physician-managed thyroid imbalance, KeraLase may be your solution for fuller, healthier hair.

KeraLase™ is not advised for patients with skin cancer on the scalp, active scalp infections, or those allergic to KeraFactorMD products. KeraLase™ is not effective for persistent bald spots, alopecia areata, frontal fibrosing, Lichen Plano Pilaris, Trichotillomania, or scarring alopecia.

Yes! KeraLase is safe for all skin types.

Unlike PRP’s hour-long, variable efficacy sessions, KeraLase leverages a serum rich in eight targeted growth factors to stimulate hair growth, entirely sidestepping the uncertainties and potential inhibitors found in PRP treatments.

What Should I Expect?

You can expect minimal discomfort. The laser operates at an energy level low enough to create microchannels for product absorption, causing a warm feel that fades within an hour or two after your session.

KeraLase treatments are quick and convenient—most sessions wrap up in 30 minutes or less!

A typical KeraLase course consists of 6 sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

KeraLase requires no downtime! Simply avoid direct sunlight and refrain from washing your hair for 24 hours after treatment.

Most patients witness significant improvements after their first 2-3 treatments. Improvement will continue over the next 6-9 months after completing the six-session regimen**. **Your doctor may recommend maintenance therapies.

What are my Treatment Options?

Lutronic Ultra™ is the ultimate laser for resurfacing skin and correcting fine lines, age spots, freckles, sun spots, pigmented lesions, and more. With an array of customizable settings, Ultra creates minuscule thermal zones in the skin, prompting the body to quickly generate new tissue. The result is smoother, brighter-looking skin.

KeraLase uses Lutronic Ultra’s non-ablative microchannels to replace traditional micro-needle rollers. These microchannels magnify the absorption of nano-liposomes in the KeraFactor Serum by 5 to 7 times.

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