How Does the Hollywood AcnePeel™ Improve your Skin?

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Published On: September 8, 2021
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Ever wondered when and if you would ever be camera-ready? If you are one of the millions of young adults suffering from active inflammatory acne, these are frustrating concerns. With social media playing a bigger role in our digitized lives, our selfies need to look good and reflect the best versions of ourselves. However, active acne can lead to unwanted discoloration, skin blemishes and inconsistent skin texture. When contemplating how to address this highly prevalent skin condition, a good place to start is to consider the root causes of active acne, and how you could mitigate those causes. Being ‘camera ready’ with your skin is a confidence booster. So, knowing how to reduce the appearance of active acne is an important part of your overall psychological health and skincare regimen.

Among the many lotions, potions and cosmetic products that can help reduce the severity and appearance of active acne, you probably already realize that no treatment is perfect, and some help more than others. In addition, some longer-lasting solutions are easier to administer or tolerate and offer additional aesthetic benefits. One example of a newer treatment approach is called the AcnePeel™ (very similar to the Hollywood Laser Peel®) which harnesses specific laser energy to gently warm and exfoliate your skin in a way that addresses some of the causes of active acne.

The patented Hollywood Laser Peel (AcnePeel) treatment1 can help address the causes of active acne. Causes such as hormonal influenced over-production of sebum in the sebaceous glands, clogged pores as well as heredity and younger age are big factors in predicting who may experience active acne. Lutronic corporation holds a patent for curing inflammatory acne by applying a carbon lotion onto a face covered with acne, irradiating the applied lotion with a microsecond laser pulse followed by a nanosecond laser pulse to help exfoliate the outer skin layer. This technique sterilizes the acne bacilli and opens skin pores clogged with sebum, thereby entirely treating the inflammatory acne.

How does the AcnePeel treatment work? The unique capabilities of the Hollywood Spectra laser system work together with the patented carbon lotion to reduce active acne and improve the appearance of treated skin. The topically applied carbon lotion seeps into the pores and helps to create a better target for the laser energy. The sub-millisecond Spectra mode treatment gently warms the skin surface and helps bind the carbon particles to pore openings and the outer layer of skin. Finally, the 5ns pulse width is used to remove the carbon particles and exfoliate your skin, which opens clogged pores, reduces sebum level, and helps to lighten and brighten the skin complexion. These clinical benefits can lead to the reduced appearance of active acne. In addition, the Hollywood Laser Peel treatment helps to create a fresh skin luminescence that lasts for several weeks.

See some results below after several treatments for a variety of patient skin types.

Hollywood Laser Peel - patient before and after pictures

Best of all, the Hollywood Laser Peel (AcnePeel™) is easy, fast and comfortable. The treatment can be done during a lunch break in about twenty minutes, and there is virtually no downtime. Most patients find the experience so valuable and rewarding, they sign up for a series of 3 treatments, or begin a monthly routine since it is economically effective compared to other time-consuming at-home methods. And, as described above, not only does this treatment help reduce the causes of active acne, it delivers energy in a way that cleans pores, reduces sebum, exfoliates the skin, reduces unwanted pigment, and stimulates collagen. This is quickly becoming the new way to cost-effectively manage active acne and improve and maintain your youthful skin appearance. Regardless of your patient skin type, AcnePeel can help you be camera-ready. Rather than settle for routine skincare and make-up to hide skin irregularities, schedule a Hollywood Laser AcnePeel treatment for reduced appearance of acne and a longer-lasting glow. You deserve to be camera-ready.

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Find a local provider that can share more information: Physician Locator or refer to Lutronic (888) 588-7644.

1US Patent US8048064B2: Method of Curing Inflammatory Acne by using Carbon Lotion & Pulsed Laser


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