On-Demand Webinar

Provider Insights: Leveraging the Digital Future of Laser Hair Removal


February 27, 2024 at 8pm EST

Provider Insights are webinars that deliver a comprehensive understanding of how Lutronic energy-based technologies help providers like you position premium-level aesthetic services and treatment experiences for your patients. This valuable content shared by your peers can help you achieve continued growth and practice success.

Join Sidney Smith, MD, FAAD, Janelle Lee, BSN, & Kelly Wert, CT

What you’ll learn in this value packed virtual event:

  • Strategic relevance & requirements for premium LHR services
  • Specific benefits that Clarity II™ brings to your practice and patients
  • The importance of treatment efficiency for “LHR and more”
  • Provider adoption of Clarity II (x3) – a growth story
  • Best practices and clinical pearls that lead to patient loyalty

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