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Maximizing your GeniusRF Microneedling Results


June 15, 2023

What’s in this Webinar?

  • Introduction – Genius, Intelligent Design for Intelligent Care
  • Review of refined Quick Start Guide
  • How to apply new guidance and maximize treatment results
  • Genius Before & After review
  • Q&A and discussion

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Featured Speakers

Laura Reynolds is a Registered Nurse with 20+ years of energy-based aesthetic treatment experience and she currently is Lutronic’s Director of Clinical Education and Training. She has worked clinically and on the education side of the industry which uniquely qualifies her as an expert in the area of training guidance. Laura is excited to review the highlights of this improved Genius guidance and believes this educational content can help facilitate safe and more effective results – so you can maximize your patient satisfaction.

Tiffany Wang is an experienced Dermatology Physician’s Assistant and lead cosmetic specialist at Metropolis Dermatology, based in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from Southern California University. She has a passion for cosmetics and has worked and trained with numerous Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons. Tiffany is excited to share her work, clinical insights, and Genius best practice experiences with you all.

Miranda Mogle is an experienced Registered Nurse working in the energy-based device industry as both a provider and as a clinical education consultant for Lutronic. She is part of a growing practice in the St Louis area and is considered one of our expert trainers. Miranda appreciates how the Lutronic Genius technology is intelligently designed to help providers customize their treatment plan and precisely achieve their objective. She looks forward to contributing to this Genius educational opportunity.

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