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Introducing DERMAV the ultimate Dermatology Platform


November 17, 2022

What’s in this Webinar?

  • Meet DermaV: The revolutionary, new “Ultimate Dermatology Platform”
  • Learn how Derma V™ combines the best wavelengths, optimal fluences, and ideal pulse widths with the most effective cooling technology
  • How Lutronic has achieved the best of all worlds: Treat multiple conditions safely & comfortably in only a few sessions
  • Unprecedented Versatility & Capability: Join us as we dive into Variable Sequential Pulsing, IntelliTrak™ & Accelerated Revitalization with Tracking (A.R.T.)™

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Featured Speakers

Dr. Suzanne L. Kilmer is the Founder of the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Northern California, Clinical Professor at the University of California, Davis and past president of ASLMS. She completed her M.D. degree and dermatology residency at U.C. Davis Medical Center, then moved East for a laser surgery fellowship at Harvard Medical School’s Wellman Laboratories of Photomedicine. She remained at Harvard as a faculty member for two more years, researching the use of Q-switched lasers for treatment of tattoos and pigmented lesions and the rapidly pulsed CO2 lasers now popular for resurfacing.

James Bartholomeusz, Lutronic CTO demonstrated entrepreneurial inclinations even as a child. He’s always been a problem-solver, with a penchant for creating things that utilize synergy. While in high school, he teamed up with a friend to build computers, resulting in the start of his first business at 15. Because his entire family is involved in the medical field, James seemed destined for a similar career. His life’s journey took him in a somewhat different direction, focused on science and research. Notwithstanding, his family was a key influence, evidenced by an inherent “bedside manner” that informed his passion for helping others by creating safe, accessible treatments for a variety of dermatological issues. Australian-born, James studied at the prestigious University of Queensland [UQ] and then in 2006, relocated to L.A. to oversee new product development as Global VP for Syneron-Candela. James is credited with the development and launch of the world’s first fractional RF device, and following that, he consulted with recognized aesthetic device manufacturers such as Lutronic and Cutera and in 2019 became the CTO at Lutronic. He continues to invest his time, energy, and resources into creating and developing innovative products that deliver real results.

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