Kate Zibilich Holcomb MD

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Pure Dermatology



Dr. Kate Zibilich Holcomb founded Pure Dermatology in 2017 based on the idea of using safe and effective treatments to help patients maintain their PURE skin health and beauty. She strives to make patients continue to look like their “PURE selves” and not unnatural or overdone. Dr. Holcomb believes in partnering with patients and hearing their concerns while considering the whole face, body, and skin. Her expertise as an injector and trainer as well as being a board-certified dermatologist allows her to her excel at maintaining balance and at providing an efficient, customized approach for each patient. Dr. Holcomb combines the use of injectables, lasers and energy devices and medical grade skincare and skin treatments to improve on each patient’s natural and PURE beauty.

Dr. Holcomb is a board-certified dermatologist. She is passionate about treating acne and rosacea and has extensive experience treating all skin colors and types. Dr. Holcomb is a trainer of other physicians for cosmetic injectables, including Botox Cosmetic and Dysport; Juvederm, Restylane, and Versa fillers. She founded Pure Dermatology in March 2017, with the vision of partnering with patients to choose the most efficient treatments for their unique skin needs and to promote healthy skin at every age.