Ferdinand Cabrera MD

Photo of Ferdinand  Cabrera, MD

Founder, President


Genesis Health Institute



Dr. Ferdinand Cabrera is the founder and president of Genesis Health Institute, a facility specializing in Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine. His combined passions of biochemistry and physiology led him to take an interest in Functional and Regenerative (preventive) Medicine. He also desired to create a healthcare facility that treated each patient as an individual and focused on pinpointing each patient’s true medical needs.

Dr. Cabrera received his medical degree, with honors, from Cetec University in the Dominican Republic. In 1992 he completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the V.A. Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico, then became part of a select group of physicians to complete a fellowship specifically focused on Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Cabrera is currently an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the Institute of Functional Medicine.

In addition, Dr. Cabrera studies Science of Mind, Metaphysics and Meditation, a practice that allows him to offer his patients both physical and spiritual solutions to their ailments. He believes that establishing a strong Mind, Body and Spirit is crucial to total health. Dr. Cabrera completed spiritual training at the Center for Spiritual Living and received his license as a Religious Science Practitioner. It is Dr. Cabrera’s intention to be a vehicle of healing for his patients who are open and receptive to expand their understanding about the Universal Spiritual Principles common to all faiths and beliefs.