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Dr. Chesahna Kindred is a board-certified dermatologist, researcher, published author, and national speaker. She grew up in South Central Los Angeles, an area of California known for its tough streets and strong community spirit, and a place where overcoming adversity was not simply a choice, but a way of life. It was this environment that planted the seed for Dr. Kindred’s future in her field, cultivating a strong ambition and drive to serve her community, empowering people through beauty.

Growing up, she quickly garnered a reputation for her love of education and her desire to help others achieve their goals. It was this drive that led her to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. Dr. Kindred began her studies at the University of Southern California where she received her Bachelor of Science with a minor in Spanish. She then relocated to Ohio where she continued to push herself in her educational pursuits, earning not just her MD degree, but also an MBA at the University of Cincinnati.

Dr. Kindred was awarded a full scholarship as a Yates Fellow for the MBA program, where she was only the third person in the history of the University of Cincinnati to receive the dual MD/MBA degree. She then took up her residency and fellowship at Howard University, an institution that pioneered Ethnic Dermatology. It was here that Dr. Kindred gained her passion and focus on hair loss and ethnic skin.

Soon after graduating from her dermatology residency at Howard University, she became a leading dermatologist at MedStar Health in the Baltimore area. Five years later, she founded Kindred Hair & Skin Center in Columbia, Maryland where she treats people of all ages and ethnicities.

Dr. Kindred remains on the cutting-edge of hair loss treatment, performing Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix, or PRFM/PRP, on a regular basis. Currently, she owns the only dermatology office with a full-service salon that specializes in hair loss.

Locally, Dr. Kindred is heavily involved in community service, often organizing health fairs, mentoring aspiring doctors, and working with local churches and community organizations to help educate and empower the community at large.