A. Jay Burns MD

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Plastic Surgeon

Dr. A. Jay Burns is a board-certified plastic surgeon and world-renowned expert in the field of aesthetics. For over 30 years, Dr. Burns has helped patients transform inside and out through a combination of surgical procedures, nonsurgical rejuvenation technology and skin care.

He is recognized in the industry as the leading figure in using aggressive laser resurfacing technology to treat the most advanced sun damage and wrinkling. His expertise also extends to many other leading anti-aging technologies, including visible light and infrared lasers, radiofrequency, ultrasound, photoacoustic, cold energy and topical formulations for skin care.

In addition to his busy clinical practice, Dr. Burns has enjoyed a prestigious academic career and helped numerous products come to market through his involvement in clinical trials and scientific advisory boards. He is a well-known author in the scientific literature on these topics. He is also a frequent lecturer at industry conferences both nationally and internationally and hosts sold out preceptorships, teaching his techniques to colleagues in his office at Resurrect Skin MD.

Resurrect Skin MD is the culmination of Dr. Burns’ three decades of professional experience and a life-long passion for medicine. He is excited to continue his journey as the director of RSMD and continue providing patients with the exceptional service they deserve.