Do you qualify for up to $40,000 towards
a new device? CONTACT US

Do you qualify for up to $40,000 towards a new device?


Introducing the Future of Dermatological Laser Technology

Save money when you trade in your old device

Do you have an old device? Are you ready to make the intelligent move to experience a new age of dermatological care? Our Trade-In Program makes it easy for you to upgrade and save up to $40,000. Also, for qualified applicants, receive up to 3 years of service at no cost.

DermaV™ offers a range of intelligent capabilities that will transform your practice:

  • IntelliTrak™ Technology automatically pulses while maintaining a pre-determined overlap, allowing you to treat 2-3x more patients and maximize your ROI.
  • DermaV™ introduces new Sub-Micro, Sub-Milli, and Single Pulse Modes to go after indications once thought of as untreatable.
  • Advanced Cryogen Cooling Technology protects the patient, increases comfort, and optimizes clinical outcomes by controlling pre, during, and post cooling sprays.
  • Digital Precision: It’s like switching from an analog Rotary Phone directly to a fully digital Smartphone; that is the difference! Step into the Digital Age of Dermatological Laser Technology.

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