What is skin resurfacing?

While surgical facelifts have long been the go-to solution for youthful rejuvenation, their invasive nature and potential risks can be a concern for many. Skin resurfacing provides a powerful alternative, offering transformative results without the scalpel. Designed to reduce or even eliminate the future need for a surgical lift, this treatment empowers you to age gracefully and naturally. Although most often performed on the face, skin resurfacing may be performed on skin across the body.

Procedures, either standalone or in combination, vary in invasiveness and offer a range of benefits, from diminishing fine lines and wrinkles to enhancing firmness and skin texture. Skin resurfacing even targets more specific concerns like enlarged pores, photodamage, and vascular and pigmented lesions to restore a healthy glow.

Treatment Options

Common Questions Answered:

Skin resurfacing revitalizes your complexion by precisely delivering therapeutic energy into your skin’s epidermis and/or dermis. This stimulates your natural healing process and the production of fresh collagen while eliminating damaged surface tissue.

Advanced skin cooling technology maximizes your comfort and allows practitioners to safely deliver higher levels of therapeutic energy. By tailoring treatment to your skin condition and type, you can experience a truly personalized procedure.

While cutting-edge technology enhances the safety of skin resurfacing, it's essential to note that darker skin tones may face higher risks, such as burns or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Consult your treatment provider for a customized plan that suits your skin type.

Laser skin resurfacing is incredibly versatile, targeting everything from age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles to rosacea, redness, and sunspots. It also effectively improves acne scars, uneven tone, and lackluster texture.

Achieving your skin goals typically requires multiple sessions. Your treatment provider will design a custom treatment plan to achieve optimum results.

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