Nicole Frontera

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Nurse Practitioner


Nicole Frontera

Nicole Frontera is a Family Nurse Practitioner and a leading expert in clinical aesthetics and wellness. She is a master cosmetic injector renowned for her artistry with a needle, and the creator of The Natural Needle Lift™, her signature facial rejuvenation, and balancing technique.

In both the U.S. and abroad, Nicole has worked alongside some of the world’s top plastic surgeons. Her expertise has been tapped by leading brands in the aesthetics field: She has been a clinical nurse educator at Cynosure, one of the largest laser firms in the country, and a panel member of Alma Laser Inc. She is a former educator and speaker for the Allergen Medical Institute, the makers of Botox, and an educator at Revance Aesthetics, makers of the next-generation filler RHA and DAXXIFY, a longer-lasting alternative to Botox. Nicole is also an aesthetic injector trainer and hosts private and group training where she teaches her signature treatment, The Natural Needle Lift™.

While Nicole is an in-demand expert for aesthetic brands, treating patients remains her guiding passion. As the owner of Nicole Frontera Beauty in Rockaway Beach and The Formula MedSpa in Rye, New York, Nicole combines her skills as an artisan of facial balancing and rejuvenation with the latest advances in integrative science and bio-regenerative technology. In addition to aesthetics, Nicole has also developed a robust wellness division including female and male hormone balancing with BHRT and The Testosterone Clinic™, IV Drips & Vitamins, hair restoration, PRF Gel injections, and sexual health treatments. “As I listened to my patients who often reported symptoms of low energy, brain fog, and loss of libido, it brought me to explore bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and integrative medicine, to help improve not just my patient’s physical appearance but their health concerns as well.”

Nicole believes that feeling beautiful in your own skin is incredibly empowering and that everyone deserves to feel this way. “We should all strive to be the best version of ourselves,” she says, “and there are things we can do to make that a reality.